S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

Tomorrow's Friday & Pay Day!

I had a "this sucks being an adult" moment the other day...I found out I was getting dropped from my moms insurance, and now I have to pay 50.00 a month out of my paycheck for medical and I don't get dental so I need to look around for some prices. Oh well, thanks mom for taking care of it for this long. I have until January 1st, and then I'm dropped..so yep.

One more day of work and it couldn't go faster. It's been very slow! My boss isn't here, I'm doing his job plus mine and still find myself bored. I didn't get much sleep last night. Clear bear decided to wake me up at two then four...then six. I hope it's not her way of saying hey I'm sick.

The fourth of July was great. Woke up and went for a vanilla chai, came back and spent an hour again at the pool. It's all I can take lately. Another child ruined my experience...so I left. We went to Elliot's parents for a BBQ, then downtown to see fireworks. We got there super late, and considering there was 40,000 people I was surprised there was any walking room, we watched from main street not the park. We met up with Elliot's friends later at the blue owl. Nice break up in the week.

Gotta. Go to work love ya guys lots
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