S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

Just signed up for purre barre class tomorrow 930am. I am officially scared. I am in horrible horrible shape so I can only imagine how awfully painful it's going to be.and what an embarrassment as well. We will see. After that I have to make my way to a friends house to show her little or should I say very grown up 12 year old the pics I took of her to make her modeling debut. I think I need another shoot in a different place as well to add but we will see. Then lunch at urban flats & baby shower shopping. Also have to put some bags of old clothes together to donate to goodwill, oh yeah and my whitening teeth apt! I so can't wait.

Tonight we played it low key. It's raining. After driving around downtown we decided to for go eating out grabbed some Chinese and went home. Finished the hangover two and watching life as we know it maybe dear John after. The kitties are all about mom tonight. Don't know the deal but all over me!
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