S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

So I suppose I should post in this, since you two so clearly beat me to the punch.

Life is good & I'm impressed with how good I've been doing the last six months. Not to say I don't miss living with my mom, but I'm loving being on my own with Elliot. Our little townhouse needs work(cleaning wise) but it's our happy little home. Four months ago, we adopted two kittens Clara & Emma. I love driving up to the house and seeing them in the window waiting for me to come home. Last weekend, I was at the animal shelter I got them at, helping my mom pick out a cat after picking out a gorgeous tabby for her named Mabel, I saw one I couldn't live without myself. Little Abby is a 8 ounce black and white kitten..only 3 months old. So I think 3 cats are enough, no more for me :)

It was my year annvy at my full time job in April. I am back and forth about how I feel, but most days I'm so happy to even have a job and get a paycheck every two weeks. AND I gota raise last week so I must be doing something right. I'm still photographing weddings on the side, but it's really slow at the moment. I miss the extra income for sure, and updating my site. I hope it picks up, I'd love to do it full time and work from home. We'll see.

Elliot & I are going on four years in October. I absolutely love him<3. He puts up with me, I put up with him, we work well together. He's my better half for sure. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. We are celebrating our annvy in the Keys this year. My cousin has recently announced her engagement. I am beyond ecstatic for her. She's getting married at a state park in the Keys a day before our four years together. As long as she doesn't have our 'day' I'm good ;). I am beyond honored that I get to take part in the day as she asked me to be her PHOTOGRAPHER. I'll post plenty of photos from that on here and facebook for you guys to see.

Well that's all for now. The house is a mess, I have pictures to edit and laundry to continue. Love you both<3 Sleep well
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