S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

wow it's been so long since i've last written in this journal. where has the time gone? or should i say what website has my time gone to? facebook, you are the devil. i use to love writing down my every move or thought and now that i'm older alot more becomes less open for the world to know and i only share the bare minimum amount, when needed. i'm a college graduate now :) i thought the day would never come, but it has and i now want to go to grad school. photography is still my absolute obsession and probably will be until the day i die. i have my own business doing wedding photography as well as beach family portraits. i love wedding photography but would love eventually to get into directing movies or doing a fashion magazine. i'm still living with my mom, and now 3 cats. i still have the same boyfriend of over two years. ill be 24 in a month n a few days..it's 2011. i can't wait for all this year has to offer.so bring it ;)

new years resolutions as follows
1.tone up
2. work out more
3. eat healthier
4. be a better person
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