S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

I'm so sadly a hopeless romantic. Here it is, storming outside, me laying in bed (at my own house) on a Saturday morning which is completely weird in itself, and all I can do is miss my boyfriend. Please let me find something to do the next two days, so I don't feel absolutely miserable about him going to Ft Lauderdale to the Polo Comp. You would think with finals next week, there'd be so much to do but there really isn't. ....Just this still life as a metaphor, I am putting off until the last possible minute. PUT A FORK IN ME IM DONE. My brain is fried, and studio work is the last thing I want to do. I think, for this semester I am beyond proud of what I've achieved. I've really tried and took the extra step to make myself known at school with my work, as well as worked on my web site(which hi! is almost done) and am trying to find someone to print my beautiful business cards.

As of next Thursday, I will officially have six months to go until I will be a college graduate ;] It's taken me five years to get to that point, and I am more then ready to experience the stress the real world has to offer. Elliot has finally decided we should move in together in May, which makes me so happy. Key West in two weeks. NC in 3 1/2-4...Life is coming together for me, slowly but surely.

Now for the start of the christmas cookies & childhood home movies with my best friend(since I was 3 <3333) and my mom.
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