S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

Junior year is done after next week. I'd like to say "Wow time flys, but it really doesn't".. I feel like I've been in school for five years. In going to this school, I have seen the best of me, and the worst of me up until this point in time and everything in between. I have wanted to quit several times, but won't let myself get to that point, I want this so much and I'll have it by this time next year =]. Senior Thesis show tomorrow night! to see what I'll be up against in the outside world, and more so what Tom 'oh chief of the PDI' is looking for in these year long senior projects.

Other news, Internship is going rather well. I feel awkard at times but it's all good.. like the other day when I was minding my own business in the office, decided to take a quick five minute break and choke down the leftover salad I had gotten from Whole Foods, I scramped in the kitchen to the fridge as I open the fridge...out of the side of my eye I see boobs. Boobs? Wedding photographers boobs. She was walking around I guess sunbathing outside NUDE. Keeping in my mind that this is her house, I went back to the office in the back of the house and sat there confused at people and why they do the things they do even in the privacy of their own homes, when other people are around. :sigh: The afternoon was spent photoshopping sexy pictures of the bride taken with the flowers she walked down the aisle with, in her ass...well her stretch marks off her chest and the other nonsense I had to see. But aside from seeing those beautiful creations I play with her adorable poodle puppy, sent out some blast emails, answer the phones, going to shoot some beach weddings soon..

Elliot is the apple of my eye. It's amazing how I still get butterflies every time I see him even after 5 1/2 months of being together almost everyday. 6 months on Monday, and I think we are going to try out the Melting Pot. I'm soo thrilled, because I've never been there or even had fondue before. Hopefully this cute feeling lasts me for a while.

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