S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

This has been a weird night...

I had a really REALLY rough day :( and seriously needed a glass of wine! I printed out some prints from the wedding to give the couple at work, they came out gorgeous! Brittany & Jesse got back from Jamaica so I decided to see if they wanted to meet up. His mom lives in the same neighorhood as my mom, so after work I went over there to give them the pictures. They invited me in for a drink :). I decided "WHY NOT" It was so lovely. His dad kept filling up my wine glass, and I am such a freaking light weight...how embarassing! I got a chance to talk to her though, which was so lovely :) I'm def going to call them up when I'm in Washington DC

I just ordered some pizza, I'm hungry with a migrane! and I'm going to start editing pictures :)
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