S k y e (insanedaisyz) wrote,
S k y e

So life is absolutely wonderful, but what else is new.

I am in the process of having my business card created, I bought my domain name and am designing my web site. Everything is going perfect at the moment. I shot my first wedding out on Longboat Key for a family at their mansion of a home. The cermony was beautiful then following was the reception buffet lunch with caters. I recieved almost $300 for 3 hours + editing. The family was so sweet. They end up loving my pictures, thank god. A good reference for later =) My friends Lisa and Kaleb that I go to NC with (friends of Elliot's moms) are having a October wedding at a church followed by Marina Jacks(this bay front restaunt downtown) Classyyy. I get to take the video for it. I'm being trained on doing that in my job now anyhow, so it will be easy. In December Elliot is the best man in a Key West wedding right before Christmas, I'm obviously the photographer for that =) We might work it out so we get to stay at the Bed and Breakfast for me doing the pictures. Soo Exicted

In other news; senior year starts in a few weeks. Holy shit. I'm a senior. I will be out in the real world May 7th, 2010! I'm ready, ready, ready to graduate. It's going to be amazing. I think Elliot and I are either going to Hawaii for 2 weeks or Europe for a couple weeks for my graduation present. I will need it, after thesis and portfolio and the pressure of this year.

Not much else here, I'll keep you updated =) xoxox
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